Lila and Blue

After Arwen and Miriel died we went to Munich's animal asylum to adopt two rats. We went home with Lila and Blue.

They were our two most problematic rats but that's not really their fault: they grew up in the animal asylum and by the time we adopted them they were most likely more than half a year old even though the people in the animal asylum said they were younger. They grew up in a cage with no places to hide, in the middle of a room. As a consequence they didn't like humans. They were very shy and not used to be touched. In fact, they were the only rats we ever had that deliberately tried to bite. If they could reach one of our fingers they furiously bit us. We also suspect they were wild rats and not forma domestica because of their looks.

It's a bit sad that we couldn't build a relationship with Lila and Blue but we tried to give them a nice home nevertheless. We don't know how old they grew since we don't know their ages when got them, but they were with us for almost two years.

It looks like I don't have any picture of them.