Akane and Miu

We got Akane and Miu from the same girl who gave us Amy. They are about one month younger than Amy (born 27th of February 2010). When they were young their markings were easily visible but it soon faded until we could barely distinguish them. Both were very snoopy and active. They often brawled but minutes later cleaned each other and slept cuddled together.

When Miu got a tumor and we had to feed her medicine we bought a skin marker to put markings on her tail so we could better keep Akane and Miu apart. Luckily Miu recovered very well, but one year later at the age of almost two years Akane began to show age-related handicaps: her hind legs started to get paralyzed and she had trouble eating. After we began noticing her poor health it took only about three weeks until she suddenly passed away in the early evening of 23rd of January 2012.

Late in June Miu's health suddenly dropped dramatically. Three days later, on 30th of June 2012, we had to euthanize her since she again had cancer which we didn't recognize until it damaged her inner organs.