When you have got an elephant by the hind leg, and he is trying to run away, it's best to let him run.
—Abraham Lincoln
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Vuze plugin for the Mac OS X dock updated

I've updated my Vuze plugin that displays the download/upload rate, it's now using Cocoa instead of Carbon API calls to update the dock icon and is compiled for both 32-bit and 64-bit. It should now work with Vuze 4.8 and beyond.

NSArray enumeration performance examined

One day, I was thinking about NSArray enumeration (also called iteration): since Mac OS X 10.6 and iOS 4, there's the wonderful new world of blocks, and with it came enumerateObjectsUsingBlock:. I assumed it must be slower than fast enumeration (for (object in array) { ... }) due to overhead, but I didn't know for sure and thus decided to actually measure the performance.


This year we finally managed to go on vacation again. Since I wanted to see some culture we travelled to Florence. It was awesome, so much to see and most locations can be easily reached by foot since the historic center isn't very big (but packed with churches, museums, old buildings and whatnot). But I don't recommend to travel there in August like we did, it was way too hot. Of course I took a lot of pictures in Florence, you can see them in my Florence gallery.

WGT 2011

Same procedure as every year: my gallery for the WGT 2011 is up (better late than never). This year the photos were made with a Canon EOS 60D which I bought last Christmas.

WGT 2010

For the eleventh time we traveled to Leipzig to attend the Wave Gotik Treffen. You can see our photos in our WGT 2010 gallery.


In the last months a lot of things happened with respect to our rats. First, Kiyoko unexpectedly died during a cancer operation. It came as a complete surprise as the cancer was small and Kiyoko was very strong and healthy. Since Ylvi was also fighting with her health we decided to start looking for young rats again so Una won't be alone.

WGT 2009

Our pictures from the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2009 are online. It's the first year I got my DSLR and I'm really happy about it: made some very fine pictures with my tele-lense. For us it was a relaxing WGT. The weather could have been better, though. Got a cold as "souvenir"...


Last christmas I made myself a big present in the form of a Canon EOS 450D DSLR. My main intention was to have a good tool to make photos of my rats and of people on the Wave-Gotik-Treffen. However, it also turned out to be a great excuse to get my ass off the couch. Some of the results can be seen in my Short Trips gallery. It also turned out to be way more expensive than I hoped as there are so many interesting or even necessary gadgets to make even better photos. But it's also more fun than expected.


In the past months a lot of things happened regarding our rats. Yukiko died. We got four young rats, Aki, Kiyoko, Ylvi and Una (Ylvi and Una are special, see our rats page). Together with Kazumi and Jun we then had six rats. But Aki got sick almost immediately, the other young rats got sick as well shortly after, but Aki did not recover and died a week later. Kazumi got cancer and had a operation but recovered very well while Jun got an infection of some inner organs and passed away only two days after we noticed that she was ill.

Pictures from the Wave Gotik Treffen 2008

Same procedure as every year: we were at the Wave Gotik Treffen 2008 and I've put our pictures online.

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